U Shape Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp

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  • Voltage: 48-480V
  • Watt: 50-8000W
  • Total Length: 150mm
  • Price: USD4.5 -10
  • Min. Order: 100 pieces

Special Shape Carbon Infrared Heater Lamp

Special Shape Infrared Heat Lamp Advantages:

Long serving life: usually 5000 hours. 

Fast Reaction Time: About 1-2s to achieve full power output.

High thermal effect: Based on wavelength of 0.8-1.4um, get high thermal energy to 62.5%.

Energy Saving: Gold and Ceramic coating maximize reflect Infrared radiation up to 90%, more energy saving, smaller footprint and better heating results.

Green, safe and Environment Protecting: nontoxic and peculiar smell, no risk of contamination over environment or target object to be heated.

Infrared heating is a kind of radiation heating. It spreads by a kind of infrared radiation (light)-- infrared light from material in the form of molecular (atomic) resonance absorption, so as to achieve the purpose of heating. It can be applied in many fields such as the heating process of industry coating, plastic forming, automotive industry, glass making, spinning, solar PV, food baking, drying of printing inks, quick drying of primer and paint on furniture, printed circuit, and so forth.

Production DescriptionSpecial Shaped Infrared IR heater lamp 1000W
Tube Diameter(mm)1010.511121313.51518
Overall Length(mm)80-170080-170080-170080-170080-170080-210080-250080-3000
Tube Thickness(mm)
Heated Length(mm)30-165030-165030-165030-165030-165030-205030-245030-2950
Max Power(w/cm)100100100100100100120150
Connection Typelead wire at two sidestow or one side conenction
Tube Coatingtransparent, gold coating, white coating
Cable Type1.silicone rubber cable              2.teflon lead wire        3.naked nickel wire
Installing PositionHorizontal/Vertical
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