Shanghai Huidery Industrial Co., Ltd has been a pioneer and leader in manufacturing quartz infrared heating lamps for more than 10 years. As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of infrared heating lamps, located in Shanghai, China, we offer a wide range of products for comfort heat, automotive curing and industrial/commercial heat applications. We have the experience and expertise to manufacture both standard and custom heating lamps. Your satisfaction is the driving force behind our dedication to premier quality design and construction.

Our passion is using our hard earned knowledge and expertise in working with our customers to help on their infrared heating projects. As owners of heating lamp manufacturing facilities for over 10 years, our main products include: Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Lamp, Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp, Gold/White Reflector Infrared Heating Lamp, Ruby Quartz Infrared Heating lamp, Single Tube/ Twin Tube Infrared Heating Lamp and Custom Made special shape Quartz Heating Lamps. We use the latest in manufacturing technologies to offer you the most efficient infrared lamps with the most competitive cost in the industry.

Huidrey is committed to providing high quality, innovative products that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have the technology and we have the people to achieve our promise of quality, delivery and price. All our designed and manufactured heating lamps conform to International Safety Law and can meet European and USA Standard. We carefully inspect goods every order before shipment to ensure that you receive high quality products that are delivered accurately every time. Our own test house and QC in factory will check each finished products. Currently, our heating lamps are exported to more than 30 countries include Germany, UK, Romania, Poland, France, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, India and Australia.

We hope you enjoy our website and viewing all our heating lamp ranges. And we hope we will have a chance to work with you on your heating lamp projects!  

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